ON SALE! – VividTrac Video Laryngoscope

The VividTrac video laryngoscope from Vivid Medical proves its superiority through its precise, high quality images. This device allows medical professionals to quickly and successfully intubate a patient, typically in the first attempt. This product is also equipped with an integrated ET tube channel, making the insertion of a pre-loaded ET tube without the use of a separate stylet seemingly effortless. Check out additional innovative features the VividTrac has to offer at QuadMed.com!

• Superior Imaging
• No Cleaning or Maintenance
• Portable and Low Cost
• No Neck Hyperextension
• No Stylet Required
• Built in Anti-Fogging
• No Battery
• Made in the USA

• Integrated standard USB cord (3ft)
• Stainless Steel Blade (will not break)
• ETT Sizes 6.0mm to 8.5mm (Adult)
• ETT Sizes 4.0mm to 6.0mm (Pedi)
• Integrated ET Tube Channel for Guiding

The VividTrac Video Laryngoscope is on sale for a limited time and can be found at www.QuadMed.com!



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