O-Two E-Series Ventilators, Available at QuadMed!

Introducing the e-Series Ventilators from O-Two!

The e-Series Ventilators from O-Two simply cannot be compared to any other ventilators on the market. The e-Series requires very minimal control adjustments during the patient setup process, which allows medical responders to initiate patient resuscitation faster than ever. These units are equipped with preset start-up modes, meaning medical responders simply select the patient size and immediately initiate ventilation. These units simply require attachment to a regulated supply of oxygen and a transport ventilation circuit for immediate use. These models also feature continuous monitoring of ventilation parameters, giving pre-hospital and in-hospital healthcare professionals confidence in the equipment and guarantees that the device is fully functional and ready for immediate use at all times.


The unique features the e-series has to offer does not stop there. Not only is this product  line extremely advanced and efficient, it is also very economical! The e-series ventilators are manufactured with a long lasting, easily replaceable battery which can be charged without being removed from the ventilator. This advanced technology permits healthcare professionals to seamlessly provide patients with controlled ventilation over extended time periods. In addition, the e-series ventilators are extremely fuel efficient, which makes this product ideal for extended transports where oxygen and electrical resources are a primary concern.


Additional Features:
• Offers ICU level care while maintaining a simplistic user interface
• Day and night lighting modes
• Designed for use on multiple patient sizes, ranging from infant to large adult
• Small, lightweight packaging
• Visual and audible alarms to warn users of any patient or device parameter changes
• Range in Tidal Volumes and ventilation rates for improved patient care
• Ventilation modes include protected airway CPR and mask mode
• Two year warranty against manufacturer defects

• Circuit Control Source: Electric
• Power Source: Compressed Oxygen
• Patient Size Range: 6 Kg to Large Adult
• Ventilation modes: SIMV w/PSV, A/C (VCV,PCV), BiLVLl w/PSV, CPAP w/PSV, Mask CPR (MCPR) Intubated CPR (ICPR) Adult/Child/Infant Quick Start Mode
• Minute Volume (L): Calculated
• Tidal Volume (ml): 50 – 2000
• Quick Start Mode Default VT/BPM: Adult 500/10 Child 250/15, Infant 100/20
• Ventilation Frequency: 5 – 60
• Manually triggered Ventilation: Yes
• PEEP (cm H2O): Adjustable 0 – 20
• CPAP (cm H2O):Adjustable 4 – 20
• O2 (%) (FiO2): 60 or 100 (0.6 – 1.0)
• I:E Ratio: Adjustable (1:6 to 3:1)
• Ti (sec.): 0.14 – 9.0
• Pmax (cm H2O): 10 – 80
• Pmin (cm H2O):0 – 20
• PSV (cm H2O): 4 – 40
• PCV (cm H2O): 4 – 50
• Trigger sensitivity (L/min): 3 – 15
• Inhalation Pressure (cm H2O): 4 – 50
• Pressure Support Termination: 20% – 80% of max. flow
• Apnea back up time (sec.): Adjustable 10 – 60
• Battery Operating time: 18 hours for default settings
•Built-in Battery charger: Yes
• A/C power adapter: 100-240VAC/ 19VDC, 4.74A
• Patient circuit: O-Two electronic ventilator circuit
• Mounting Bracket: Multi-configuration bracket
• Display Type: 4.3″ Color TFT Screen
• Live monitoring: Vm, vt, Paw (AV), PAW (Peak), F, BPM, Battery level
• Real time waveform: Selectable Pressure or Flow
• DAY/NIGHT display mode: Yes
• Parameter settings: Single, Multi-Function Rotary Control
• Lock key function: Yes
• Pause functionYes
• Alarms (Visual and Audible): Gas Supply Pressure, Pmax, Pmin, Low Battery, BCI, Apnea, Leak, Vm min., Vm max.
• Audible silence: Yes, 120 seconds
• Dimensions (mm): 250 x 200 x 155
• Weight (Kg) with/without Battery: 2.4 / 1.70


The innovative e-Series Ventilators can be found at www.QuadMed.com!


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