AMBUstat: Surface Disinfectant System


The AMBUstat Surface Decontamination System was carefully designed to eliminate millions of dangerous microbes that are commonly found in the pre-hospital healthcare setting. AMBUstat’s Actril Cold Sterilants have been clinically tested and proven effective against the AOAC spore test organism, Bacillus subtilis, having the highest resistance to death thus far.


In the healthcare setting, infections bacteria and viruses are inescapable. However, AMBUstat is the perfect solution to reduce patient/responder risk and vulnerability to harmful microbes by eliminating 99.99% of these harmful organisms in a matter of 40 minutes.

The AMBUstat has an effective rate of 99.99% against some of the toughest known bacteria thus far, making this product extremely valuable in the healthcare industry.  The estimated cost per treatment with the AMBUstat is $14.04, versus the competitors estimated cost per treatment of $57.69. The estimated savings when using AMBUstat instead of competing products over the course of 5 years is $12,000!



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