Introducing RescueLift Transport Litters!

RescueLift offers a wide variety of transport litters which meet the specific needs of Fire/EMS Agencies, Law Enforcement Personnel, and Tactical Trauma responders starting at $60.00! Not only are these transport litters safe and efficient, they are also reusable! These innovative transport devices offer a compact, economical alternative to backboards, slide sheets, and physical lifting techniques.

RescueLift Tactical
The Tactical Litter is custom made for rapid deployment in situations where seconds count. Easily load, secure, and move a patient to a safe area. Designed to minimize the fatigue factor for the rescuer, the patient can be lifted or dragged to maintain an increased combat readiness. Litter weighs just 4.5 lbs. and rolls up to 15 “w x 7”h.

RescueLift Law Enforcement

The Law Enforcement Litter was designed to allow officers to safely and rapidly remove injured patients from hostile or dangerous situations. The Litter will allow officers to reduce their fatigue factor when attempting to extricate a person thereby increasing their combat effectiveness in life threatening situations.

RescueLift Fire / EMS                                     

The Fire/EMS Litter was designed to help emergency and hospital personnel to safely and securely move a patient. A metal free design allows for the safe, secure and continuous treatment. This is the smart alternative to backboards, slide sheets, and potentially harmful lifting techniques.

RescueLift MCI

RescueLift MCI offers S.T.A.R.T. and S.A.L.T. Triage colored litters with matching colored storage options. During a major incident there will be three types of people at the scene; those that run, those that are injured, and those that want to help the injured.

When using the RescueLift System, rescue personnel can safely move a patient from a prone, sitting position or confined space situation to a stretcher or chair. RescueLift can be used by 1 or more Paramedics, EMS, Fire, Police and Tactical personnel to rapidly and safely remove a patient from almost any situation.


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